An unromantic Irish story

I am impressed by the number of Irish books of fiction out there and astonished by all the romance I must have missed out on in my youth. Perhaps I was not tuned in to the realities of Irish life but there was a dark cloud over  my country through the mid 20th century. So I have the nerve to attempt to  show another reality in a fictional story founded on facts and developed by imagination. It is Children of the Cromlech



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3 responses to “An unromantic Irish story

  1. hi john, great to see this up! keep blogging. if you go to widgets and drag the follow this blog widget over to the active side, then it will appear and i’ll be able to follow your blog, ie get an email of any new post when you make it. Next we will put the book on kindle, have a link to it on Amazon, and folk coming here can buy it in seconds flat….

  2. Many thanks, Peter, for all your patient help in turning a draft into a BOOK. You took me on a journey. The destination is unknown but I am having fun traveling.

  3. Still fumbling and bumbling around in this blog world. Nothing important to report but that does not stop a confirmed blogger! I am getting encouraging responses from readers of Children of the Cromlech – enough to keep hope alive. Paula Leyden, writer of that wonderful book, The Butterfly Heart, has promised a review. Peter Schwartz loved it. It appears that a book by a man can be enjoyed by men and yet bring strong women to tears. Yeah, I am pleased with and proud of my effort.

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