The Irish connection

I just received my first extra-familiar contact  and order for Children of the Cromlech from Ireland.  Indeed from the locality – the scene of the crimes.  Caught me hopelessly unprepared with regard to delivery costs etc but luckily she is a patient lady and all is well. I am really chuffed/stoked/elated etc  because  it will be read with interest by those in foreign parts but Ireland is its home patch and there I hope it will resonate – in tune for many, discordantly for some.  If I did my job, it will be absorbing for all.  Go, the book.


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  1. that’s great, John! And great that already when we googled ‘Cromlech’ in google images, we saw a picture of the cover of your book! It is out there now, no turning back! The Church or no one can burn this one!

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