The Butterfly Heart

Whanau is a Maori word and concept. It embraces the extended family, outward, back and forward and is elastic. So, I embrace Paula Leyden and congratulate her on her achievement in winning the Children’s Book Ireland award for the 2012 Children’s Book of the Year. She is indeed a worthy winner. The book is filled with entertainment and wisdom, an essential homily without polemics, a story that opens windows between cultures. Above all else, it is a joy to read. Well done, that girl!


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  1. Hi John
    Thank you so much for that (as a valued member of my extended framily – and what a lovely word and concept Whanau is!) and for your great support over the years! Only one thing – it is the award (called The Eilis Dillon Award) for a first book/debut novel, rather than the overall prize. I am absolutely delighted with it (as you might have gathered from my photographs of it!!) and was also delighted with the review given of it by the children of a school in Leixlip (who spoke at the awards) they were from Scoil san Carlo and they were great – they really got the book. So, a good day all around!

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