Children of the Cromlech – New Price

I have finally got a reprint of the Children of the Cromlech specifically to avail of letter rate postage to overseas. The previous prints were on Munken paper,  soft and beautiful, but quite bulky with the result that many of my books were too thick for letter-rate and went parcel at four times the cost. Not a good look. I now have the book on laser paper, white, shiny and THIN. A further advantage is that it fits an A5 post-bag neatly. Pity about the Munken.

As a result, the price of Children of the Cromlech can now be reduced from NZ$ 24.95 to 19.95 (Eur 12.95, US$15.95) including postage and we are all HAPPY.

If you would like to understand the difficulties your father and mother or your grandparents might have struggled against in the Ireland of the 1930 – 1950s, do read it.

Contact me, the author, printer, binder, shipping clerk, accounts, marketing guru etc etc at

40 Marshall Road


Kaiwaka 0573

New Zealand


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