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The Children come home!

Thanks to Lynda and Tony at Carlow People for the spread on their paper for my book, Children of the Cromlech. It is a great satisfaction to see an interest from the region which inspired it. 

I have been working on a script-novel version of my NED HICKEY which is an adaptation of the novel THEY FIRST AROSE by William Nolan of Ballon. It is now ready to go on all the e-books and will be FREE to download. Yes, I am that keen  to see it circulate and maybe find a screen producer in need of an exciting script.

So what is a script-novel? It is a story format for those readers who do not wish to be told every detail of a character’s appearance or the colours of a sunset. It relates the story with enough space for the reader’s imagination to roam and create unlike the modern novel which is written for an acquiescent and passive victim who ends up with every detail of the author’s vision and none of their own.

It is not a script because it is not simply a skeleton which producers, directors, hack script-writers and other technicians can invest with all the cliches which sell movies.

It is a different way of reading, inviting the imagination to go to work and conjure up scenes from your personal life-view and experience.

Read the film and see the book. Relax and create. I think it will satisfy.  



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